One Off Corporate Yoga Class


Corporate yoga or yoga in your workplace will be immensely beneficial for both your mental & physical wellbeing. It has the capacity to switch off the ‘flight & fight’ response that we tend to be in most of our office days.  The staggering amount of responsibilities & the threat of failure create increased adrenalin and cortisol production, shorten our breath, cloud our mind and tense our muscles.  Here yoga comes in with its soothing breathing and relaxation practices combined with deep muscles stretches to release and let go of all the accumulated tension.


A 60 min Corporate yoga class including physical postures, breathwork and relaxation techniques. The session is designed to serve various levels of practitioners, catering for beginners through to more advanced practitioners. Through movement and holding the various postures we cultivate strength in the body and improve flexibility. Through the calm continuous breathwork that accompanies the movement we will anchor ourselves to the present moment, where peace and tranquillity reside.

Your Corporate Yoga session can take place via Zoom (or any other online platform) or in person. The default price is based on 60 mins class with 10 (or more) participants. I am happy to provide different lengths of classes depending on your requirements – 15, 30 or 45 mins. There is also an option to provide more gentle type of Yoga with the use of a chair. Contact me for more details.