The Ease And Beauty Of Online Yoga Classes
Published 2 May 2020

Why Choose Private Online Yoga?

Online yoga classes are the new way of practicing for many of us. Especially at the time of the COVID pandemic. Another activity added to the online list. Online shopping, online learning, online entertainment, online dating… And habitually as every new idea, the mind’s first reaction is to reject it or doubt it. Especially if it is something we can’t touch, something that is somewhere out there in the space. It’s new, different and it cannot be trusted…

However, I tried it myself, both as a teacher and a student. So while in the beginning I was sceptical about online yoga my opinion completely changed after the first few sessions. I am now a firm believer that online classes work equally as good as in person classes.

Private online yoga has the added benefit of working from a comfortable and familiar environment. You can take your device to any room, to the garden, to the beach or the mountain. Flexibility in true yogic terms!

Moreover, for people who find group classes daunting, private online yoga is ideal as the element of pressure and competition between the practitioners is gone. In addition, the travel, the traffic, the rush to get to the studio are no longer a factor. However my favourite aspect of private online yoga is that it breaks location boundaries! When you travel or you are on holiday, when you are re-locating or you are in a place where there are no yoga studios – you can still practice with your favourite teacher. Connections happening over thousands of miles and various time zones. Isn’t this wonderful? 





Give It A Try!

Simply find yourself a quiet place and an hour slot in your day and you are all set.  And so that we can properly meet please introduce yourself and send the follwoing information using the below form:

  • Have you done any yoga before. If so what style and for how long?
  • Have you got any injuries or medical conditions that might affect your practice?
  • What would you like to gain from the practice of Yoga?

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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