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How Do Online Yoga Lessons Work?

All you need is internet and your mobile phone, tablet or PC. The rest is easy – you, me and the screen in front of one of each us. I will help you adjust your equipment and the class can start. I instruct, you follow under my observation and guidance.

Whether a private or a group class this is how we do it.  The rest of it falls into place and it very much feels like an in person yoga class.

Ho To Prepare For The Class?

Try not to have any heavy meals 2 – 4 hours befre the class. If you are hungry close to the session have some fruit or yogurt.

It is best to wear something comfortable, breathable and light as usually during yoga and breathwork the body creates heat. Best is if your clothes are not too baggy so I can easily observe your alignment during the various poses. If you are in cold climate, you can prepare a jumper, socks or a blanket for the relaxation part when the body starts to lose heat.

Ventilate the room, remove clutter and create a comfortable, loving space for your practice. Lighting a candle or an insence stick is also an option. 

What Should I Bring?

Apart from your yoga mat, it is advisable that you have a cushion to sit on, yoga blocks or bigger books and a strap or a scarf. If this is not available we’ll make do with what you have.

How Long Are Yoga Classes?

The length of the classes I offer varies from 30 mins to 90 mins. According to your level of practice and available time you can choose what works best for you. There is a possibility to create bespoke length of classes to suit your needs.

Who Can Join?

My classes are open for all levels and all ages. Weather a group or a private class I cater for beginners as well as more advanced practicioners by giving various options to suit everyone. 

The golden rule is – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Do what you can and enjoy being in your body, breathe and stop to rest whenever you need it.

Why Chose Online Yoga?

Learn why online yoga classes are the perfect option, and how you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

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