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Private Yoga Classes In North London

Private yoga classes whether with a single student or small group of practitioners is still my favourite form of teaching as it allows for more personalised experience. The customised Yoga sequences that I design with you in mind will bring you much greater benefit as a practitioner than when practicing in a studio. Similarly, I gain  much more wisdom as a teacher due to the personal contact. If you are a family or a group of friends we can set up slightly different targets for each one of you.  

I also offer one to one fusion classes including Yoga/Thai Massage and Reiki heailing. 

I suggest you try a single class with me to see how well we work together. If you decide to continue practicing with me you can purchase a block of classes. We will start by building a plan together and discuss what you’d like to achieve from the practice. You may want to increase your flexibility, gain more core strength or maybe lose some extra weight.  

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life and with various abilities. You can read some of my clients’ testimonials here.


Private Yoga Classes

One On One Private Yoga Classes

A 60 min private yoga class designed especially to meet your specific needs and requirements. The general aim will be to build strength, increase stamina, tone the muscles and improve flexibility. Furthermore, we will focus on correct breathing, essential in achieving body-mind unity. The practice of Yoga will leave you feeling energised, balanced and relaxed. We will work on quieting the mind bringing peace to your entire system.

Benefits of a private Yoga class:

  • Personalised to your specific body needs. For example you may need more work on your flexibility rather than your strength
  • Suited to your requirements. For instance you may want to lose weight, strengthen your core or reduce back pain
  • Assistance and adjustments to achieve proper alignment
  • Guidance in achieving and maintaining correct breathing patterns
  • Assisted Savasana, including body adjustment and gentle face massage. Music, oils and scents as per your preference

A private yoga class is beneficial for most people, whether they are complete beginners or advanced practitioners. Most importantly, I design these sessions so that they target the specific areas of your body, that require more in depth work. Through gentle assistance and adjustment, I will help you create clear paths for the energy to flow through you. As a result of that you will feel more grounded, centred and energised.

If you are unable to take a in person private yoga classes due to distance why not try the private online yoga options I offer.


Private Group Yoga Classes

These private group yoga classes are designed for up to 4 adults.  The sessions will be designed especially for your group of family and friends. Sharing your space with your dear ones you will enjoy an hour of yoga, breathwrok and meditation. The general aim of the sessions will be to improve strength and flexibility, to reduce stress levels and promote calm and focused mind. I will provide each one of you with guidance and hands on adjustments if desired, to ensure you receive optimal benefit from these sessions.

Benefits of the private group yoga classes:

  • Practice enjoying the collective energy of close family and friends.
  • Personalised sessions to suit the different members of the group. There will be variations to suit each practitioner’s level.
  • Increase in strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • Individual adjustments to achieve proper alignment.
  • Improvement in energy levels and lung capacity via the use of yogic breathwork techniques.
  • Stress reduction, increased vitality and self esteem.

I work with beginners through to advanced practitioners of all ages. If you have younger kids you may want to take a look at the children yoga options I provide.

Cost of sessions:

  • 60 min session for 2 people – £80
  • 60 min session for 3 people – £90
  • 60 min session for 4 people – £100




One On One Yoga, Thai Massage & Reiki

A 60 min private yoga class including Thai Massage & Reiki healing. This is a fusion class that allows you to enjoy a combination of the three practices. They complement each other and help to increase strength, mobility and flexibility,; restore energy balance, increase general health & wellbeing, stimulate blood circulation and digestion, reduce pain but most importantly have tremendous effects on the emotional and mental health. Some more benefits of the fusion classes have been listed below:

  • increases strength & flexibility
  • improves range of motion
  • relieve pain and muscle tension
  • promote deep relaxation and relieve stress
  • improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • increase energy levels

These sessions are highly personalised according to your particular needs and lifestyle. We would work together to plan and organise them so they can be both satisfying and effective. The yoga/Thai massage/Reiki fusion classes can be of varying length starting at 60 min. Please contact me at with any questions.







How it Works

1. Book Your Session

Choose your private yoga session, the date and time, if that option is available, add to your basket and proceed to secure payment. If no date and time option is available for your chosen service please email me with your preferred date and time at Alternatively I will send you my availability once I receive your booking. 

2. Confirmation & Further Communication

Once I ensure the time and date are available your appointment will be officially confirmed. You’ll receive a request to give me some information about your health and any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your practice. I can offer certain advice on contraindications and will show modifications to work around injuries. However, it is your responsibility to consult a specialist before undertaking any of the classes. Please listen to your body and come out of a pose if it causes you pain.

Should you wish to do so, we can schedule a telephone call to discuss any requirements prior to your private yoga class.

Note I am currently based in Mill Hill, London and any reasonably distant locations in the vicinity will be considered. I can either travel to your home or you can come to mine. Once we agree on all the details I will get back to you with confirmation and send you further instructions if required so we can proceed with your first class!

3. What You’ll Need

  • Most importantly you will need a yoga mat or a towel, a cushion and some props. If you don’t have any please let me know so I can provide them for the session. It is best to work with your own equipment and if you’d like to purchase it here are some suggestions for Yoga mat, Foam blocks, Strap.
  • Make sure your stomach is empty prior to our yoga class. It is advisable that you have no food 3-4 hours before the practice if you eat meat and 2-3 hours if you’ve had a vegan / vegetarian meal. If you feel hunger close to the session you can have some fruit, yogurt or a handful of nuts.
  • Remove all distractions like working TV or radio, make sure people living with you give you privacy for the length of your class.
  • Wear comfortable, stretchy, breathable clothes. I’d prefer if they are not baggy so I can clearly see the outlines of your body which will help me observe your alignment.

4. What You’ll Receive

  • .A guided yoga sequence customised to suit your level, needs and preferences. Breathwork and meditation practices will be included unless you specifically request that these are left out.
  • Alignment cues and hands on adjustments throughout the practice. Please let me know in advance if you would rather not be adjusted.
  • I’ll monitor your breath and give you tips on how to improve it.
  • If you have any injuries or particular needs and requirements please let me have them before we meet so I can prepare a customised yoga session.
  • My full support and guidance after the session. Suggestions and tips on how often and what poses to practice.
  • Advice on movement regimen, dietary tips, suggestions for various practices to help you release muscle and mental tension.

5. The Rules

  • Payment is due at time of booking.
  • Bookings are to be made at least 72 hours in advance of the appointment time.
  • You can reschedule your class without any additional cost once only and credit it towards a future appointment. This must be requested at least 72 hours in advance of your original booking.  
  • Cancellations within seventy-two (72) hours of the scheduled session will be charged in full.
  • Prepaid blocks of 4 appointments are to be used within 6 weeks of first appointment. Blocks of 8 appointments – within 10 weeks from first appointment.
  • On the occasion that I need to cancel your appointment, I will refund you in full to the value of what you paid for the session. Alternatively, you can use the credit towards a future appointment.
  • For more details see Terms & Conditions

About Me

My name is Evelina and I am here to share my passion for yoga with you. I invite you to come with me on a journey back to your true powerful selves, to your loving nature and to a world of endless potentials!  

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