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Private Yoga, Group Classes & Treatments in North London

Whether you’d like to take one on one yoga classes, practice in a group or if you are in need of relaxing body & mind treatment, you can find me in North London. When offering private services, I work mainly with female clients and either travel to their place or offer my space for our sessions. I teach group classes at MoreYoga studios or when the weather allows it I hold classes in Riverside Walk park.

I am looking forward to meeting you in person and sharing the magic of Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki!




One On One Yoga Classes


Designed to your personal needs a private yoga session will help strengthen and lengthen the muscles & energise the body. Through specific yogic breathwork techniques we will work on quieting the mind, aiming to cultivate peace and balance. Good base for future self practice.

Group Yoga Classes 


Join us and enjoy the collective energy of like minded people practicing yoga! Suitable for all levels of practice. A 60min class provides an overall body conditioning, improves your balance, increases flexibility and builds strength. After the class you will find a new agility in your body and more stillness in the mind.




Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is an antient massage technique where through gentle and soothing kneading of the muscles the subtle energy lines are stimulated and balance of the body-mind system is restored. A 90 min session will leave you with a profound feeling of relaxation and peace. Other benefits from the treatment are reduced pain, increased flexibility, improved energy levels, decreased stress and better circulation.

Reiki Energy Healing

A Reiki treatment will relieve pain, anxiety and fatigue. Reiki helps reduce stress levels and boosts your mood. An energy treatment may be beneficial for you if you suffer from headaches, tension and insomnia. Through Reiki the natural healing processes in the body are stimulated, thus helping to restore physical and emotional well being.  The session involves work on the chakras and and can be done remotely as well as in person.



Emil Ivanov, 25 Mar 2021

These 5 minutes to write a few sentences regarding Evelina’s Thai massage, are highly deserved! I have never felt that relaxed during massage! My weight is over 100kg and this was not an obstacle to Evelina to twist and gently stretch every part of my body. The technique she used, not only made me feel physically relaxed, but also mentally! I forgot all my daily troubles during the massage! At the end I even fell asleep. It was a great experience! I highly recommend Evelina’s Thai massage!

James Molloy, 5 Mar 2019

I enjoyed a full Thai massage from Evelina and was really impressed with her technique, professionalism and manner. She gave a full 2 hour massage and was patient and careful checking in regularly to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. She has extensive training in Thailand and I came out of my massage relaxed, refreshed and invigorated!


Tass Florides, 19 Mar 2021

I would highly recommend Evelina. I have had a couple of Thai massages and she was excellent, very gentle and checked in with how I was feeling. And it helped my back pain a lot. Her yoga classes are also very enjoyable and varied – mixing breathwork and asana. She has a lovely and calming speaking voice too which helps you to relax. I would definitely recommend her 💕

Gergana Spaskova, 14 Mar 2021


I booked a Thai massage with Evelina and I loved it. My body felt so relaxed after. I strongly recommend Evelina as a professional. We had a chat before the session and she chose a massage sequences according my body needs.

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My name is Evelina and I am here to share my passion for yoga with you. I invite you to come with me on a journey back to your true powerful selves, to your loving nature and to a world of endless potentials!  

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