My Yoga Videos

Below are some of the videos I filmed on the island of Koh Phangan. Try any or all of the below so you can experience the way I teach, my style and energy. It is crucial that you connect with your teacher!

Daily yoga practice is very important – whether it is breathwork, asana or meditation. If you are a beginner start with the videos below and try to build a regular practice of 3 to 5 times a week. 15mins daily is much better than an hour long practice once a week. Yoga is done on an empty stomach so leave 3 – 4 hours after a meal. Prepare the room air it, remove clutter. Light a candle or an incense stick will help you to focus inward and enrich your experience.

If you like my contents visit my YouTube channel Yoga with Evelina where I have built an extensive library of videos of various length and difficulty. Please subscribe to my channel so you are up to date with my new videos and the latest projects I am working on.

Get to know your body, become more intimate with your breath, explore balancing, cultivate strength, stamina and increase your flexibility. Most importantly learn how to do all of this with ease. Conquer the mind through your breath!

Waking Up The Body

A perfect session for those of you who have been enjoying a more sedentarylife and would like to slowly come back to movement and the joy of being in the body. I have incorporated here some Qi Gong practices that I have learnt in Samma Kruna school, Koh Phangan. These will help you open up the energy channels in the body

Back Pain Relief Yoga

A very common problem that I come across teaching yoga is lower back pain. I filmed this video on a day I suffered with sore lower back myself. This sequence works on strengthening the back and the core – very often the culprits for soreness in the lumber region. It also includes spine extensions and twists which are great for relieving back pain. Do the sequence 4 to 6 times a week for best results.

The Deep Stretch

Very often when we do physical exercise we repeatedly contract certain muscle groups. Whilst this is good for building up strength, it increases tension which in turn blocks the free passage of blood and oxygen through the muscles. Stretching is very important to keep the body graceful and supple. Here is a 35min long stretch video where with some poses that reach muscle groups we didn’t even think existed. Enjoy stretching!

“Only when energies enter into Sushumna, life really begins.”


Pranayama (Breathwork)

Pranayama is often translated as breath control and is one of the most important practices in yoga. The Sanskrit word Prana means life force or energy and in Pranayama the breath is used as the carrier of Prana. With these series of breath exercises we stimulate the circulation of energy in the body. It is important that you warm up the spine before performing Pranayama so the Prana can flow freely along the energy channels in the body. It it said that the number of channels or nadis in the body is 72,000 with the 3 most important ones being ida (moon) starting on the left side of the third eye, pingla (sun) starting on the right side of the third eye and shushumna running in the middle of the spine. Once ida and pigla are balanced energy travels up the Shushumna from the lowest chakras up to the crown of the head. Pranayama can be a really powerful and awakening practice of performed with focus and intention. Try the practices in this video and take time to observe the sensations in the body after each exercise. You will be astonished by the energy you can create simply by breathing. 

Island Meditation

This meditation was created to help ground the body and soothe the mind. All nature sounds used were recorded on the island of Koh Phangan and the music was especially composed by James Molloy using Bulgarina folklore voices… or Distant Voices as the piece is called. Sit or lie down and allow the imagery to take you away to a land of blue skies,calm waters and bird songs. Meditation is the one free gift you can give yourself every day. 


Yoga Videos

I create yoga Yoga sequences for all levels and ages. Whether you are new to yoga or you’ve practised for years, there will be something for you. 

The extensive library on my YouTube channel will help you in your practice and will give you a taster of my teaching style and my energy. Particulalry in the Online Yaga Classes section you can  see my ongoing work and examples of what I teach during the weekly group yoga classes. I hope to see you soon! 

About Me

My name is Evelina and I am here to share my passion for yoga with you. I invite you to come with me on a journey back to your true powerful selves, to your loving nature, to your deepest core and to a world of thousands of potentials!  

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