Shiva & Shakti
Published 11 October 2022

The Concept of Shiva & Shakti In Chakra Theory


The concept of Shiva & Shakti is an integral part of the Chakra theory. Shakti is the energy that forms all things and it provided the energy needed to multiply a single fertilized egg into tens of trillions of cells that comprise our physical body. But without the Shiva consciousness guiding this process the body would be a formless pile of flesh. Shiva is the force that manages and coordinates the Shakti energy. Shiva & Shakti are the ultimate Yin Yang forces in the Universe – they do not exist without one another and are the two aspects of a single absolute reality.

It is said that as our body grows Shakti becomes less active and She sleeps in the base of the spine coiled like a serpent. Most of her power is dormant but some of it manifests as circulating prana through our nadis.

In our early childhood years Shiva consciousness slowly withdraws from the body and takes seat in the Crown Chakra leaving us with only dim awareness of our deeper dimensions…

Kundalini Shakti

As mentioned above, Shakti also known as Kundalini Shakti, is the dormant serpent like Goddess that is coiled three and a half times around the Root Chakra. Here usually the question comes – what is the difference between prana and Kundalini Shakti? This relationship can be expressed as the relationship between the liquid and solid wax of a burning candle. All the prana presently circulating through the body is the liquid wax rising up the wick and being burned. The solid wax is the sleeping Kundalini held in reserve. Kundalini is a latent archetypal force that exists in everyone of us and when awakened, She journeys up the spine, piercing and activating each Chakra in turn. Her final goal is to reach the Crown Chakra and merge with Shiva, then reside in him in eternal union in the heart…

Most people can neither stop nor start Kundalini with their will. She may appear briefly for moments, intermittently for years or become a constant presence that changes your entire perspective of life always seeking to dissolve illusion and blockages.

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