The Sacral Chakra – How To Awaken Your Creative Force
Published 29 April 2021

Sacral Chakra – The Seat of Our Creativity

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra as we travel along the spine. Its predecessor is the Root Chakra and it’s followed by the Solar Plexus Chakra. We associate the second chakra with the emotional body, our sensuality, and creativity. The element of this chakra is water and as such, its energy is characterized by fluidity and flexibility. The Sacral Chakra Sanskrit name is Swadishthana, its symbol is a six petal lotus and its colour is orange. In terms of its function, the principles of pleasure govern the second chakra.



Swadishthana Symbol – The Six Petal Lotus

What Does Your Second Energy Centre Represent?

The location for the Sacral Chakra is about three inches below the navel, at the centre of the lower belly. In the back, it’s located at the level of the lumbar vertebrae. 

The Sacral Chakra is linked with the following psychological and behavioural functions:

  • Emotions, feelings
  • Relationships, relating
  • Expression of sexuality, sensual pleasure

Above all, the Sacral Chakra is associated with the realm of emotions. In other words, it is the centre of our feelings and sensations. Furthermore, this energy centre is particularly active in our sexuality and the expression of our sensual and sexual desires.

Additionally, the second chakra is instrumental in developing flexibility in our life. Due to its association with the water element, its main characteristics are movement and flow both in our emotions and thoughts. Swadishthana also supports personal expansion and the formation of identity through relating to others and to the world.

Sacral Chakra Basics

Sanskrit name: Swadishthana

Location: Below the navel

Element: Water

Colour: Orange

Symbol: Lotus with six petals 

Corresponding Gland: Adrenal

Parts of the body: Lumbar plexus, sexual organs, reproductive glands, bladder, bowel and lower intestine

Sacral Chakra

Adrenal Glands

Is Your Sacral Chakra Balanced?

When the second energy centre is balanced we experience feelings of creativity, playfulness, and sensual pleasure.

On the other hand, if we exhibit addictive or compulsive behaviours, experience sexual dysfunction, fear of change, emotional instability, this means our Swadishthana needs work. Physically, disbalances in the Sacral Chakra are connected with reproductive issues, such as infertility, impotence, or menstrual issues; and lower back, kidney, or stomach disorders.

Additionally, symptoms such as anaemia, hypoglycaemia, lower back pain, joint problems, low energy, spleen and kidney issues and premenstrual syndrome can also be a result of an imbalance of the sacral chakra.

Imbalances in the Sacral Chakra can also manifest as:

  • Dependency and co-dependency with other people
  • Addiction to substances that grant easy access to pleasure
  • Being ruled by your emotions
  • The opposite: Feeling numb, out of touch with yourself and how you feel
  • Overindulgence in fantasies, sexual obsessions
  • Or the opposite: Lack of sexual desire or satisfaction
  • Feeling stuck in a particular feeling or mood
Location of sacral chakra

Balancing Practices For The Sacral Chakra

To bring back balance and harmony to your second energy centre, employ methods that spark your creativity. Enjoy life in all its beauty, express your satisfaction and pleasure openly. Relate to the people around you, listen to them, create bonds, remove limitations, celebrate the joy of living. Enjoy fine food, a glass of good wine, savour chocolate, give loving touch…

These and a lot more can be done to reawaken the joy of life. Some practices that stimulate and energise the Sacral Cakra have been listed below. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most in the day and hour you are reading this. And don’t be surprised – different things work for us at different times. So try to let go of conditioning and limitations.

Second Chakra Yoga – Practice Fluidity, Release Emotions

Since this Chaka is our centre of change, movement and fluidity I would suggest including some dynamic transitions from pose to pose. In other words, allow the body to express itself, leaving behind dogmatic postural prescriptions, rigidity and expectations. Simply be yourself, tune in to the body and enjoy the freedom. Examples of such fluid movements are cat – cow, reverse warrior to triangle pose, high lunge to pyramid pose. 

When we talk about emotions we often hear that they are stored in the hips. ‘How so?’ you may ask. Think of your body response when you feel threatened. You subconsciously prepare for ‘fight or flight’. Namely, your muscles tense, you round the back and shoulders, bending forward and raising the knees up into a fetal position to protect your core. Since the muscles have been clenched tightly, they shorten and the tension is never fully released.

Additionally, our body not only traps muscular tension, but also deep cognitive emotion felt at that time. This unconscious tension can be held from one traumatic event, or lots of little events where the stress of feelings like sadness, fear and worry are stored and can get stuck. This is where Yoga comes in – stretching the hip muscles causes a release and allows stored emotion to melt away.  

So to keep your emotions balanced, and thus balance the Sacral Chakra, practice hip openers. Some of my suggestions are: 

  • Ashta Chandrasana (High Lunge)
  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  • Utkata Konasana (Goddesss Pose)
  • Viparita Virabhadrasana (Reverse Warrior)
  • Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)
  • Malasana (Yogic Squat)
  • Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose)
  • Garudasana (Eagle Arms)


Swadishthana Yoga Sequence

Here is a short Sacral Chakra Yoga sequence I recorded upon my return to London in Dec 2021. A dear friend offered me a room in her house to isolate due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Interestingly, her favourite colour is orange and her living room was decorated in a way that fully supported the theme of the second chakra. Certainly, the perfect orange decor for a flowy, hip opening practice. To conclude, I finish the sequence by embracing the element of water by guiding you through my favourite underwater meditation. 

So enjoy, be creative and release your sensuality! 


Sacral Chakra Foods

Foods that are rich in sources of healthy fats are very nourishing for the sacral chakra. Fish, nuts and seeds such as flax, poppy, sesame, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are extremely therapeutic for this chakra. Orange foods such as oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, apricots, mangos, papayas, pumpkin and mandarins are all healing foods for the sacral chakra.

Remember that the sacral chakra is a very “watery” chakra, so consider seafood options here.

Additionally, opt for sensual foods like pomegranate and coconut, consider the process of opening these fruits naturally and extracting the flesh slowly, skilfully. Drink lots of water, juices, teas and stay well hydrated.

Likewise, try any food that you can eat in a sensual, playful way. Think chocolate fondue, a lovely organic wine, strawberries dipped in cream … you can keep adding to the list!

Sacral Chakra Food
Sacral Chakra Breakfast

Papaya Banana & Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

The inspiration for this recipe came after James and I visited Pai – a beautiful mountain village in the north of Thailand. In our search for healthy & fulfilling breakfast we came across Bom Bowls. And we couldn’t stay away from this scruptious goodness! Hearty, delicious, fruit based breakfast bowls that will make you want more. Talk about sensuality in food!

♥ ♥ ♥

You will need:

  • a cup of peeled, chopped, deseeded ripe papaya
  • one peeled and chopped banana
  • 2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk (or any other plant milk)
  • 1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter


Simple! Pour all the above in your smoothie maker, stir until you get a nice smooth consistency adding more liquid if required. Decorate to your taste. I used my home made granola, desiccated coconut & chia seeds. You can retain some of the papaya seeds for decoration too – they are nice and peppery and totally edible! Bon appetite!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Reconnecting to your second chakra can be done through expressing yourself creatively in more than one ways. Get involved in anything that helps you express yourself and that is exciting for you. For example: sing, dance, take the chisel and go painting outdoors, plant some flowers, cook your favourite meal, read a book. In pandemic free world, you could also connect to your inner artist by visiting exhibitions, going to the opera, cinema or concert!

In addition to the above try any of the below:

sacral chakra creativity

Sacral Chakra Supporting Practices

  • Wear orange or surround yourself with orange
  • Slice an orange sprinkle with cinnamon and put in a pot. Cook over low heat to release the scent
  • Swim in a natural water source or take a bath using soft candles and a few drops of a citrus essential oil
  • Indulge in a fun activity just for the sake of doing that fun activity!
  • Go for a massage to help move stagnant energy throughout the body
  • Chant the seed mantra “VAM”
Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Use Affirmations


  • I am a creative and radiant soul.
  • I deserve to experience pleasure and have my needs met.
  • Without any fear I feel all emotions that arise in me.
  • I feel safe to express my sexual self in fun, creative, and healthy ways.
  • I embrace change and make the best of my future.
  • Every day, I experience more joy and satisfaction.
  • I flow with inspiration and creativity.
  • My body is vibrant, and I am comfortable inside.
  • I attract relationships with loving, good people who will support me.
  • I feel energised every day because I am in perfect health. 

Healing Crystals For The Second Chakra

The chakra colour for Swadhisthana is orange and it is tied to the moon, so orange and yellow gems are good for opening the Sacral Chakra. Alternatively, gems in opposite colours can be used to soothe an overactive second chakra.

Chakra stones can be used in a variety of ways. One of the easiest and most common is to wear them as jewellery. For example a crystal pendant can subtly influence your energy throughout the day. Carrying a healing stone in your pocket works as well.

Chakra stones are also useful during meditation and energy healing. Resting a healing stone just below your navel while lying down can bring additional healing and focus to your practice. Alternatively, if you prefer sitting meditation, holding a stone in each hand or cupping one in your hands as they rest in your lap can have the same results.

Sacral Chakra Stones 

Amber oozes with orange confidence and helps you feel a deep connection with the primal energy of the Earth.

Carnelian is the ultimate Sacral Chakra stone for its fiery orange energy. The inspiring stone opens you to the infinite world of creative passion, supports artistic or business ventures you want to pursue.

Jasper is also known as the Supreme Nurturer. Jasper will gently promote a release of the past and healthy sexuality for the future.

Moonstone is the mother of all gemstones. It is closely associated with the cycles of the moon, fertility, and the female reproductive area. Using Moonstone at the sacral chakra aligns it with healthy sexual energy and a strong feminine identity.

Selenite is sometimes found in this glowing orange colour, perfect for lighting up your Sacral Chakra. Known to seal the aura from energy leaks, let Orange Selenite keep your creative juices contained within your personal space.

Sunstone is the stone of light and happiness. Its glowing orange tones are perfect to activate the sacral chakra. Use Sunstone when you want to infuse the life-giving energy of the sun into your aura.

Sacral Chakra Stones

Sound Healing For Your Second Chakra

As promised in my previous blog Healthy Root Chakra here is the next Sound Healing piece by James Molloy. Especially designed so it vibrates at the same frequencies as the Sacral Chakra, you can enjoy this gentle yet stimulating piece of music lying down or in a comfortable seated pose.

Visualise the second energy centre glowing in a warm crystal orange colour. Feel the warmth and expansion at the pit of your belly every time you inhale. See the orange glow growing and encompassing your whole body, spreading warmth and light, reconnecting you to your creativity and joy of life!

SACRAL CHAKRA (417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency)

Original music composed by James Molloy

Keep Your Creative Force Alive

So to conclude, I would like to wish you a joyful journey into getting to know your second energy centre. This is the seat of emotions, which when faced, processed and healthily expressed can become the source of freedom, joy and pleasure.

Remember that in most cases fear is what hinders us and love is what binds us. Open yourself to the world and don’t be afraid to show who you are.

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