Experiencing The Power of The Antient Eastern Practices

*Offered to female clients only


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki* is an energy treatment which activates the healing processes in the body and restores physical and emotional well being. The Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on or over specific areas of the body including the Chakra locations. Another name for Reiki is palm healing or hands-on healing. Further benefits from a Reiki session are:

  • Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Boosts mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves headaches, tension & insomnia

While the practitioner holds their hands lightly on or over the body, the transfer of energy takes place. During this time, the practitioner’s hands may be warm and tingling. Each hand position is held until the practitioner senses that the energy has stopped flowing. Reiki can be done remotely as well as in person.

The word “Reiki” means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign.” It comes from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). Reiki is a type of energy healing, targeting the energy fields around the body.

Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Reiki healing aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Through improving the flow of energy around the body, relaxation is enabled, pain is reduced, healing is sped up and other symptoms of illness are reduced.

Reiki has been around for thousands of years. Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, who reportedly taught 2,000 people the Reiki method during his lifetime, developed its current form in 1922. The practice spread to the U.S. through Hawaii in the 1940s, and then to Europe in the 1980s.


Thai Yoga Massage

60 mins of traditional Thai Yoga massage will leave you feeling relaxed & light and will restore your body-mind system balance. Through gentle, soothing kneading of the muscles, I will help you release tension in the body and open up blocked energy pathways. The benefits of a treatment are manifold:

  • relieves pain and muscle tension
  • increases flexibility
  • improves range of motion
  • promotes deep relaxation
  • relieves stress
  • improves circulation and lymphatic flow
  • increases energy levels

I completed my Thai Yoga massage course at the beautiful Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Please see some of my clients Testimonials here. If you would prefer a longer or a shorter session please get in touch so we can arrange it.

When the Thai massage practitioner stimulates the Ten Sen (the ten energy lines), the body’s natural life force starts to flow. Usually aches, pains and disease appear as a result of blockages in this life force. The therapist uses hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points on the energy lines. Furthermore, the practitioner uses gentle stretching and applied Hatha Yoga. As a result the body releases blocked energy, frees its healing potential, and restores balance and harmony.

The traditional Thai massage is an antient technique, originating in India and strongly linked to Buddhism. Because it was discovered before any knowledge of anatomy, the method is based on energy lines. Thai Yoga Massage therapists practice in a meditative mood and also call the technique “the physical application of loving kindness” or the “Old Thai Way of Healing with The Hands”.





Thai Yoga Massage Demonstration


Emil Ivanov, 25 Mar 2021

These 5 minutes to write a few sentences regarding Evelina’s Thai massage, are highly deserved! I have never felt that relaxed during massage! My weight is over 100kg and this was not an obstacle to Evelina to twist and gently stretch every part of my body. The technique she used, not only made me feel physically relaxed, but also mentally! I forgot all my daily troubles during the massage! At the end I even fell asleep. It was a great experience! I highly recommend Evelina’s Thai massage!

Tass Florides, 19 Mar 2021

I would highly recommend Evelina. I have had a couple of Thai massages and she was excellent, very gentle and checked in with how I was feeling. And it helped my back pain a lot. Her yoga classes are also very enjoyable and varied – mixing breathwork and asana. She has a lovely and calming speaking voice too which helps you to relax. I would definitely recommend her 💕

Gergana Spaskova, 14 Mar 2021


I booked a Thai massage with Evelina and I loved it. My body felt so relaxed after. I strongly recommend Evelina as a professional. We had a chat before the session and she chose a massage sequences according my body needs.

James Molloy, 5 Mar 2019

I enjoyed a full Thai massage from Evelina and was really impressed with her technique, professionalism and manner. She gave a full 2 hour massage and was patient and careful checking in regularly to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. She has extensive training in Thailand and I came out of my massage relaxed, refreshed and invigorated! Recommended!

How it Works

1. Book Your Session

Choose the type of your treatment session, the date and time, add to your basket and proceed to secure payment.

2. Confirmation & Further Communication

Once I ensure the time and date are available your appointment will be officially confirmed. You’ll receive a request to give me some information about your health and any injuries or medical conditions that may be of importance prior to the tretment.

Should you wish to do so, we can schedule a telephone call to discuss any requirements prior to your treatment.

Note I am currently based in North West London and any reasonably distant locations in the vicinity will be considered. Alternatively I can offer the treatment at my place in West Finchley. Once we agree on all the details I will get back to you with confirmation and send you further instructions if required so we can proceed with your treatment!

3. What You’ll Need

  • I practice on hard surface so the floor of a spacious room is ideal. You will need a yoga mat, a blanket or a towel and a couple of cushions. 
  • Make sure your stomach is empty prior to the treatment. It is advisable that you have no food 2-4 hours before the practice. If you feel hunger close to the session you can have some fruit, yogurt or a handful of nuts.
  • Remove all distractions like working TV or radio, make sure people living with you give you privacy for the length of your class.
  • Wear comfortable, stretchy, breathable clothes. 

4. What You’ll Receive

  • 60 min treatment of your choice. Let me know if you require a different length of treatment and we can arrange that.
  • The energy balance within your system will be restored, you will feel much calmer and more relaxed.
  • Physical tension might be eased and the effects of the treatment may continue over the following days. Observe your body and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

5. The Rules

  • When treatments are concerned I work exclusively with female clients
  • Please book your session up to 48 hrs in advance.
  • Life happens so if you need to cancel please do so up to 24hrs in advance and we will reschedule.
  • Refunds will not be issued for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the time of the booked session.

About Me

My name is Evelina and I am here to share my passion for yoga with you. I invite you to come with me on a journey back to your true powerful selves, to your loving nature and to a world of endless potentials!  

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