Private Yoga Classes & Drop In Group Classes

In Person Yoga Classes

One On One Private Yoga Classes

A 60 min private yoga class designed especially to meet your specific needs and requirements. The general aim will be to build strength, increase stamina, tone the muscles and improve flexibility. Furthermore, we will focus on correct breathing, essential in achieving body-mind unity. The practice of Yoga will leave you feeling energised, balanced and relaxed. We will work on quieting the mind bringing peace to your entire system.

Benefits of a private Yoga class:

  • Personalised to your specific body needs. For example you may need more work on your flexibility rather than your strength
  • Suited to your requirements. For instance you may want to lose weight, strengthen your core or reduce back pain
  • Assistance and adjustments to achieve proper alignment
  • Guidance in achieving and maintaining correct breathing patterns
  • Assisted Savasana, including body adjustment and gentle face massage. Music, oils and scents as per your preference

A private yoga class is beneficial for most people, whether they are complete beginners or advanced practitioners. Most importantly, I design these sessions so that they target the specific areas of your body, that require more in depth work. Through gentle assistance and adjustment, I will help you create clear paths for the energy to flow through you. As a result of that you will feel more grounded, centred and energised.

If you are unable to take a in person private yoga classes due to distance why not try the private online yoga options I offer.


Private Group Yoga Classes

These private group yoga classes are designed for up to 4 adults.  The sessions will be designed especially for your group of family and friends. Sharing your space with your dear ones you will enjoy an hour of yoga, breathwrok and meditation. The general aim of the sessions will be to improve strength and flexibility, to reduce stress levels and promote calm and focused mind. I will provide each one of you with guidance and hands on adjustments if desired, to ensure you receive optimal benefit from these sessions.

Benefits of the private group yoga classes:

  • Practice enjoying the collective energy of close family and friends.
  • Personalised sessions to suit the different members of the group. There will be variations to suit each practitioner’s level.
  • Increase in strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • Individual adjustments to achieve proper alignment.
  • Improvement in energy levels and lung capacity via the use of yogic breathwork techniques.
  • Stress reduction, increased vitality and self esteem.

I work with beginners through to advanced practitioners of all ages. If you have younger kids you may want to take a look at the children yoga options I provide.

Cost of sessions:

  • 60 min session for 2 people – £80
  • 60 min session for 3 people – £90
  • 60 min session for 4 people – £100




Private Online Classes

30 Min Private Online Yoga Session


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One On One Private Yoga Classes


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Group Online Classes

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