Online Hatha Yoga with Evelina


Join us and enjoy the collective energy of like minded people practicing yoga! Suitable for all levels of practice. A 60min class provides an overall body conditioning, improves your balance, increases flexibility and builds strength. After the class you will find a new agility in your body and more stillness in the mind.





Weekly live online Hatha Yoga classes suitable for all levels. The classes focus on classical Hatha yoga postures, breathwork, meditation and some more advanced yogic practices that stimulate the flow of prana through the body.

Practicing regularly will improve your balance, increase flexibility and build strength in your physical body. Yoga will also bring mental and emotional balance.

Be part of a community and enjoy practicing while held in the collective energy of the group. If you are still undecided whether to try online yoga, read my blog on the subject Online Yoga – Practice From The Comfort Of Your Home.

We use Zoom as our streaming platform – it is easy to use and install. Here is the download link. For the class you will need a Yoga matfoam blocks and a strap, however you can make do with a towel, a couple of thicker books and a scarf.

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