Weekly Corporate Yoga Classes


Corporate yoga is immensely beneficial for our mental wellbeing, it has the capacity to switch off the ‘flight & fight’ response that we tend to be in most of our days – perceived danger, increased adrenalin and cortisol production, tense muscles and unsettled mind.


Committing to weekly Corporate yoga classes will increase the benefits of the practice immensely. Through regular practice your body and mind will restructure themselves gradually and you will find more ease in your daily tasks and much more peace and clarity in your mind. Once we start working together we will slowly progress towards more challenging practice and deeper breathwork, which will result in toning the muscles of your body and reducing your stress levels dramatically. This is what happened to me so I can testify to that!

Your Corporate Yoga session can take place via Zoom (or any other online platform) or in person. The default price below is for regular weekly sessions for a min of 8 weeks and 10 participants. I am happy to provide different lengths of classes depending on your requirements – 15, 30 or 45 mins. There is also an option to provide more gentle type of Yoga with the use of a chair. Please contact me for more details.